The Booster range of compatibilizers and  alloying agents is based on patented technology. Booster is a reactive polymer blend, which is polyolefin and  elastomeric in nature.

The Booster mechanism depends on hydrogen abstraction followed by a controlled reaction of available free radicals. Booster is capable of
alloying with a wide variety of thermoplastics and elastomers and it can stabilize a complex mixed polymer system, both polar and non-polar.

Booster consists of several  components and its reactivity is partly activated in the production process. Booster forms compatibilizers during
processing/compounding through controlled radical reactions that are initiated  above 180 degrees Celsius with the presence of oxygen.

Polymers  that react with Booster include:

  • Polymers containing unstable  hydrogen atoms e.g. attached to tertiary carbon atoms, including polyolefins
    (PE, PP) and styrenic polymers (PS, ABS)
  • Polymers containing double bonds, such as elastomers (EPDM, NBR, SBR) and TPE’s (SBS, SEBS)
  • Other polymers containing groups sensitive to radicals (e.g. EVA and PVC).


It is used as alloying agent to mix different polymers, processing agent improving productivity and properties, modifier improving mechanical properties, masterbatch carrier improving dispersion and as a flow modifier to broaden the processing window.

Booster is widely used in sustainable development projects, including recycling where there is a high degree of contamination (e.g. Booster PCMB for the recovery of metallized CD scrap, improving impact and modifying MFI).

Booster PO is used as an additive in the production of polyolefin films, tapes and fibre. It imparts a significant improvement in draw-down ratio, a higher tenacity and an overall higher output up to 20%, delivering real cost savings.

Booster EP is used for blending styrenic polymers, engineering plastics, PVC and TPE’s improving both  processability and part performance.

Booster products:

Booster PO, alloying & processing Polyolefins
Booster EP, alloying & processing non-Polyolefins
Booster EPM, (Co)-Carrier for masterbatches

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