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Supernova is an ammonia-free and powder-free active cleaning compound. It removes the residue of old, oxidized and carbonized thermoplastic from cylinder walls, screws, hotrunners and dies. Only a small quantity of Supernova is needed to perform these tasks, resulting in significant cost savings. The video below demonstrates the capabilities of different Supernova products.

The cleaning activity of Supernova consists of three steps:

  1. An active reaction “loosens” the carbon residue from steel.
  2. A polishing activity removes this “loosened” residue from the steel.
  3. A mechanical purging component removes this mass from the cylinder.


The search engine (on the right) can help indicating which type of Supernova product is needed.

The FDA regards all of the ingredients in the Supernova cleaning compound as “Generally Recognized as Safe”. The by-products of the Supernova chemical process are carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Supernova documents
Where to buy Supernova

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Search Engine

Insert the Processing Temperature, the Type of Plastic processed and the Processing Method to see which product is needed.
HT-GF working temp 315-350

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