Adhesive HE 1908

Adhesive HE 1908 is a state‑of‑the‑art polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for bonding polycarbonates and  acrylics. In addition to polycarbonate/polycarbonate resp. acrylic/acrylic  bonds, HE 1908 can bond these materials with  steel, aluminum, most thermoplastics and glass.

Adhesive HE 1908’s unique combination of properties enables the user to make bonded assemblies, which are either  impossible with existing adhesive systems, or which lead to undesired side‑effects  (e.g. stress crazing).

Key characteristics: Solvent-Free & Odourless

Both polycarbonates and acrylics react negatively to most solvents, which are  utilized as a carrier for many adhesive systems. Solvents  frequently cause stress crazing in thermoplastics, seriously deteriorating the physical properties of the material (major drop in impact strength). Also  these hair cracks are optically unattractive.

Using  solvent based materials on the work floor is being discouraged (and in many  cases even prohibited) by occupational safety and health authorities all over Europe.

HE 1908 is a two‑component adhesive system, containing 100% solid materials. The integrity of the materials to be bonded will not be disturbed in any way, and  the product can be used in a normally ventilated room, and it is completely odourless.

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