Supernova SH

Supernova SH is a newly developed cleaning compound for high temperatures. This video demonstrates its capabilities at 400 degrees Celsius for cleaning Ultem 1000 black.

The cleaning capabilities of Supernova and the new Supernova HT-GF and EF

This video shows the cleaning capabilities of Supernova. You will see how to use the existing grades like Supernova ST and CX, but also the new grade Supernova EF. Apart from the new Supernova EF grade, we have also introduced Supernova HT-GF, especially developed for cleaning Amodel (Polyphatalimide). More information about this grade is mentioned on our website under Press Releases.

Engineering Chemicals is specialized in producing an extensive range of cleaning compounds for the plastic processing equipment. We have both chemical active as well as pure mechanical working products. As the cleaning process is rather complicated due to the many plastic raw materials and processing conditions, we are proud of supporting you with our gained experience to achieve a significant cost reduction regarding material and time by removing residues quickly and easily from the cylinder, die and screw, plus preventing a build-up contamination by regular use of our cleaning compounds. We produce furthermore the Booster products, which are compatibilizers/alloying agents for thermoplastic materials to improve the production process and/or properties. We also sell a solvent free adhesive HE1908, glass clear, two components PU, for Polycarbonate, PMMA, glass and aluminum.

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