Does SUPERNOVA smell?
No. SUPERNOVA doesn’t smell at all. You will only smell the material that you are removing from the extruder, probably a bit stronger than usual, which is due to the fact that SUPERNOVA foams slightly. This makes the smell more penetrating. The only gases released are carbon dioxide and water vapour. SUPERNOVA is completely harmless for extruder as well as operator.
Please also check the MSDS.

Because it is more economical, I want to take the concentrate and use one of my regular materials as carrierresin. What material do you recommend ?
The  carrierresin gives the mechanical cleaning effect. Therefore it is recommended  that you use a material with a viscosity just below that of the material that  you are trying to clean out. In general, HDPE are stable and stiff materials,  and therefore very suitable as carrierresin for the  concentrate.

How is SUPERNOVA more effective than other cleaning compounds?
Cleaning  compounds are usually either chemically or mechanically active. The chemical  products are usually fluids based on solvents, that have to be evenly mixed with  resin. The mechanical compounds are usually based on a viscous material, or  resin with a scrubbing effect, like styrenics or acrylates.

SUPERNOVA works  threefold: it is chemically, as well as mechanically active, but also has a polishing effect. The chemical components soak off the burnt residues from the  metal surfaces, which are then cleared and left clean by the polishing effect.  Through the mechanical forces of the resin, the residues are carried out of the  extruder. Also, SUPERNOVA foams slightly, thus creating a pressure (not high)  inside the extruder, which makes it possible that the chemical ingredients reach  into the dead corners of the extruder and die as well.
It is important to  notice that the chemical reactions are controlled and absolutely harmless, and  do not create vapours that are hazardous to health. The ingredients of SUPERNOVA  meet the FDA classification GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe.