Supernova is an ammonia-free and powder-free active cleaning compound. It removes the residue of old, oxidized and carbonized thermoplastic from cylinder walls, screws, hotrunners and dies.

The FDA regards all of the ingredients in the Supernova cleaning compound as “Generally Recognized as Safe”. The byproducts of the Supernova chemical process are carbon dioxide and water vapour.



InstaPurge™ is a mechanical purging agent that dislodges the residues of previous production colours and resins that remain on cylinder walls and screws after the barrel is run empty. It permits these residues to be quickly removed from the machine and is then readily purged from the barrel by the next production colour or resin. The machine is back to producing good parts within minimum downtime.



Booster is a reactive polymer of a polyolefinic nature which alloys with a variety of thermoplastic and elastomers. The mechanism of Booster is based upon hydrogen abstraction followed by controlled radical reaction.

It is used as alloying agent to mix different polymers, processing agent improving productivity and properties, modifier improving mechanical properties, masterbatch carrier improving dispersion and as a flow modifier to broaden the processing window.



HE1908 is a glass clear, solvent free and unshrinkable, two component polyurethane adhesive. This adhesive is especially suitable for Polycarbonate, PMMA sheet and film and glass and aluminum. This permanently flexible and tough adhesive prevents stress-cracking and results in a high impact resistance.